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Hurt on the Slopes - Injuries While Skiing
If you are an avid skier, there is a chance you'll have some sort of skiing injury someday. It could be minor -- a bruise from falling, a scratch from a twig or sunburn. It could, however, be major -- a torn ACL or bad frostbite.

The website Joint Healing has a great article on the common ski injuries -- they include head injuries, knee injuries, fractures, and dislocated shoulder. Some of these can be avoided by proper equipment, particularly a helmet.

A couple other tips from those well-acquanted with the slopes are probably worth repeating: Stay in control, take breakes, and be wary of the late afternoon hours when your mind says you're strong but your body is fatigued. If you want to ski some terrain that will challenge your skill level, consider doing it in the mid-morning, just after a couple easy warm-up runs.

Our advice to you, if you get hurt skiing, is pretty standard: See a doctor. If you get hurt on the slopes and are lucky enough to get a sled ride down to the bottom from the Ski Patrol, this will probably already be lined up for you. While you may be tempted to wait until you get home and can see your doctor, keep in mind that even small Emergency Rooms in ski towns are well-versed in ski injuries and may be the best people to initially evaluate your condition.